The problem:

With thousands of pounds of waste generated by creative beauty product mailers each year and that seemingly insatiable quest for more, more, more, the beauty industry has gotten away from what really matters -- great beauty products that make you look and feel good. Rather, in a quest for that perfect unboxing moment, an opportunity to go viral, and to peek more interest, many brands have been playing a game that lacks concern for our environment, wallets, and resources -- even as "clean" beauty is becoming more and more mainstream.


The solution:


In the spring of 2018, Beach House said "No More!" and since then, has been on a mission to #changethebeautygame by utilizing creative mailers that are as eco-friendly as possible and devoid of excess. 

We created iconic branded eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled material in our boxes, packing peanuts that are made from recycled corn and are biodegradable (and we ONLY use those babies when we *really* need to), recycled tissue paper and stationery, and earth-friendly ribbon.


How you can help: 

Influencers, we STRONGLY discourage unboxing content, as it only fuels the beast for brands to continue on the excessive packaging hamster wheel that increases waste -- and unnecessary spending. Rather, we passionately encourage you to focus on the beauty gems inside of the boxes we send you and all of the glorious things we think these beauty products will do to make you look and feel your best.

Brands and Agency friends, consider using eco-packaging and stopping with the over-the-top mailers. We know we are small and just one voice in vast sea. But if we all make these small changes together, we CAN make big strides that truly #changethebeauty game. The earth's future -- and our children's -- depends on it.

Join us. 

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